Buzz of a Phone

Two weeks ago on this upcoming Tuesday, my phone buzzes. It’s Mom calling. I answer as I’m trying to get caught up on all things Station Waggle.

“The machine won’t start. Everything’s black. How do I fix this?!”

I’m at a loss. I have literally no idea how to fix this. So I get in my car and head over to the ice cream shop my family owns and just start pressing buttons, hoping for a miracle. Nothing is working so I call the service department. Their solution? Just hit the reset button. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I try to tell them that’s not the solution, but they don’t want to hear it. Next up, I just switch the outlets. It works. Briefly. My next call is to a local electrician. Cody happens to be in the area so he swings by and checks all the wiring. He says it’s not electrical and to try calling either the service department for the machine or a refrigeration company as it looks like one of the compressors is out. Peachy. I called the first guy on the list, hoping he would be faster than the service department based out of Iowa. No such luck after waiting for two days for him to give me a call back.

So then I went to the service department based out of Iowa that’s licensed to take care of my machine. He drove up, flashed his flashlight into the machine, claimed it was electrical and I would need to send the entire machine down to his shop in Iowa. I asked if I could get a replacement machine just to wrap up my summer. Not a problem he says. Complete silence from them for another three days on the status of my spare ice cream machine. Mom ends up calling them, reexplaining to them what’s going on. While on the phone with their service department, the man mumbles under his breath “That doesn’t electrical, that sounds more like a compressor issue”. He claims it’ll be another 6-8 weeks before it’s fixed.

Guys, I only have three weeks left in my season at this point and a freezer full of chocolate ice cream mix. So I make a call to the last person on my list. He comes out the next day, agrees that it’s a compressor, says that his boss is going to make a few phone calls and they’ll have an answer for me in less than 24 hours.

Hallelujah. I’m finally getting somewhere. Or so I thought.

24 hours for by. Nothing. 48 hours go by. Still nothing. So I decide to just Google it. How hard could it be to find a compressor, have it shipped, and install it myself? Less than 10 minutes later I find one in Las Vegas. Mom insisted that I hold off and just call that last guy one more time in the morning.

Next morning, I give them a call. The man on the other end tells me how hard it has been to track down a compressor for my machine and how time consuming it’s been. They are seriously struggling. Awesome. I ask them if they wanted me to send them the link to the compressor I found in less than 10 minutes the night before. I really don’t think they were expecting that cause he didn’t really know how to respond.

At this point, we’re down to two weeks. We’ve given up hope a little at getting chocolate or twist cones again this summer. I promise we really are trying. This is just one small story of the many hurdles we’ve had to overcome this summer.

My point in this whole story is to treat others with kindness. You don’t know what kind of battles they are going through. The amount of rude people who have thrown little fits both at the Drive In and out in public about my lack of chocolate, truly blows my mind. I am one person currently doing the job of about five people this summer cause we are so incredibly short staffed. I’m dropping balls in the world of Station Waggle because I simply can’t catch a break. I know that this too shall pass and I’ll be back to my 110% in no time. But please be patient with me and if you see me looking lost, confused, and exhausted out in public these next few weeks, please don’t ask me when I’ll have chocolate ice cream. In the mean time, go snuggle your puppies for me. 🐩

Ice cream shop
The infamous Park Drive In. This summer I’m in charge of all social media accounts, the front staff, waitressing, cook, and PR as well

Dog enjoying ice cream
One of Abbie’s happy places 😂

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