So fluffy, I'm going to die!

So, if you know me, you know that I have a history of “just looking” at a puppy and then end up coming home with said puppy. I’ve actually been banned from “just looking” at a puppy ever again. I have zero control when it comes to pups needing homes. I just want to love them all and give them all homes. Mom and I were looking at homes for sale last night and one had this huge fenced in yard. I was smitten. Her comment was “Look, there’s enough room back there for five poodles to run around”. I mean, she wasn’t wrong.

Poodles have completely stolen my heart. I know that there are a lot of amazing dog breeds out there and so many of them need homes as well. You’re talking to the girl who grew up with Rottweiler mixes and swore she would never own a poodle. I love the sass, the smarts, and the abundance of energy that poodles have.

Poodle posing in front of a lake

My first poodle figured out how to open up my bedroom door to get in for morning snuggles. Lola also trained herself to alert others when my mom’s sugar got too low. Abbie hasn’t quite figured out how to use her smarts for good, but there is still hope! Okay, so maybe not quite as much but I’m trying to be positive. Abbie has figured out that she doesn’t really need to work for a treat when grandma will give her a bigger, better treat if she just flashes her puppy dog eyes at her. She knows that she will take what she can get from Momma, cause I’m not going to pull a piece of lunch meat out of the fridge for her.

You see, Abbie knows how to manipulate people into getting what she wants. And that is how she demonstrates her smarts. If she senses a critter outside, she knows how to wake up my dad to let her out to chase it because no one else will let her out at 3am unless it’s a potty emergency. She knows the basic commands but will refuse to do them unless a really good treat is offered, or an audience is present for her to show off to.

I will be the first to admit that my dog can be a total pain in the rear. But you know what? I love it. I love that she’s always up for an adventure. I love that she will keep all of us on our toes. I love that she will continually be a goofball and an odd duck as she plots out her next move. She's my child and I think I'm going to keep her around for a while. Ya know, those poodle puppies at the farmer's market this past weekend were awfully cute, and I think I still have their number. I wonder if they're still looking for homes...

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