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If you know me, you know that I always seem to have music playing. Lizzo has been my current jam while making Station Waggle products. Cause I’m feeling “good as hell” when I'm working on Station Waggle. Whether it be through social media posts, creating a bow tie, or talking shop over different fabrics with my mom. Someone once asked how I pick out the fabrics for the bandanas. My mom picks out the majority of the styles and matches them. Or I’ll watch what’s going on in the doggy fashion world and see what’s popular to relay to Mom. Some nights, Mom and I will go over the piles and fabrics and match them together.

It is so much fun to match the different prints and try to come up with something new. One of my current favorite combos is the coffee and donuts match. Because coffee. And donuts. What’s not to love about that? I’m also loving the tassels and pom poms that we’re starting to add to the bandanas as well. Mom and I are currently trying to create a mermaid vibes bandana with a sequined bottom. If it looks as fabulous as I’m imagining, expect it to hit the store soon! The possibilities are endless when it comes to fabrics and new bandanas.

Also, I want to hear from you guys. What do you want to see? Is there a certain combo that you’re just dying for us to put together? Is there a print that you love to dress your pup in but we don’t have it yet? Let me know whether it be through the comments on this post, Facebook, or Instagram. Guys, I’m just winging this whole thing and I love to see what ideas you have floating around in your head too.

It amazes me the amount of time, thought, and energy that goes into each bandana. It would blow your mind. We make sure the print is going the right way, so like pineapples should be up and down, not horizontal. Or if there’s a logo or specific print, make sure that’s in the center of the bandana. I do not appreciate my mom enough for all the time and effort she puts into each bandana. I should really go out and buy her a nice bottle of wine to say thanks...

The same goes with the bow ties. It’s making sure that the logo is right side up or the cacti isn’t sideways. I try to use as much of the fabric as I possibly can to avoid going to waste. The bow ties and the fabric flowers allow me to use a lot of the leftover fabric, which allows for the bow ties to be unique and one of a kind as well.

Each product you’re receiving has been thoroughly loved on to make sure that you’re getting the right one for you pup. Mass producing an item gets to be boring and just like everyone else. And what’s the fun in that? Your pup is unique, just like you and they deserve to be feeling “good as hell” as well.

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