Here We Go Again

Oh, snap. I’ve found my voice again. It’s been a while since I’ve hit the keys and wrote something out. It feels so good to be back you guys! So, welcome to all things Station Waggle, Abbie’s Adventures, and whatever else may float my boat.

Now you may be wondering more about what this blog will all entail. Well, it’s going to be my voice talking about the latest things going on in Station Waggle, different ways you can wear the bandanas and accessories, and of course, all things Abbie. So, if you wanted things from Abs’ perspective, check out her Instagram page.

But for this first official blog post I want to take the time to introduce me a bit more than what I can do on an Instagram or Facebook post. As you probably already know, my name is Kellee (and if you don’t, now you do!). After I graduated college, I moved back home as I hunted for a job. I was not able to find a job right away, but I did find a puppy! To say I was a little excited about having a dog in my life again, would be an understatement. I had no job, living in my parents’ basement, and along came Abbie. Abbie, my fabulous standard poodle, has brought so much joy and life. It has become way too easy to spoil her. I remember going through the aisles at Target, picking up puppy supplies, and seeing these cute flowers that you Velcro around the collar. Of course, my dog had to have something like that! So started my obsession with dog accessories.

Later, as I was going through the different Etsy shops, I remember being so bummed that they all looked the same and I couldn’t find what I was really looking for. I went to the craft store, bought some tulle, and made my own. I was pretty excited to get back to my creative side. From there, I started making the bow ties. Various friends and family members encouraged me to open my own shop, and another friend insisted the name be Station Waggle. And thus, the adventure was born.

I bought Abbie a bandana to wear cause those things are so adorable on a pup. I was so excited, and I showed my mom. She looked it over and responded, “You know, I bet I could make that”. So, guys, I hate to break the news. But she’s been making the bandanas ever since. She just doesn’t want to be at the center of all things Station Waggle (sorry Mom, but you are now!).

The future is bright, I might need to find a new pair of shades. I am so excited for all the things coming up and I cannot thank you guys enough for all the love and support. This dog obsessed gal cannot wait to see what the road ahead entails. Hey, who knows? Maybe another puppy to bring on the next phase of life?

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