The Story

Dear friends, 
Welcome to Station Waggle. I have always loved working on craft projects. After my standard poodle, Abbie, came into my life, I was made aware of the lack of dog accessories that were fun, unique, and diverse. After looking everywhere, I decided to make the accessories I wanted my dog to wear. 
What began with simple bow ties soon ventured into crafting tulle bows, and bandanas. It didn't take me long to fall in love with the creative process, which was greatly aided by my mom and friends of Station Waggle. 
It has been such a blast creating these articles and seeing the excitement on the faces of happy customers when they accessorize their pups with our products.
Peace, love, and puppy cuddles,
-Kellee & Abbie



How We Got Here

Be a fruit loop in a bowl full of cheerios. 
Most of us wish to showcase to the world our unique personality, and carefully select a wardrobe that is nothing short of impressive. Why, then, should our dogs be without the coolest clothing accessories in the business, tailor-made especially for them? At Station Waggle, we welcome you to make an experience out of choosing dog-friendly fabrics and customizing the products, which will only compliment your pup’s awesome personality. Be it a joyous occasion, celebrating pop culture, or a permanent style statement... your four-legged furball now has a vast range of accessories to don on and dazzle the socks off of the world.  
We are a home-based business in South Dakota, and each of our products are handmade. We have successfully infused great style with greater comfort.